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Our Next Meeting is Feb 16th at 1pm EST!

Covid has put a nasty pause on fun events, and for most digital entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants this world has become increasingly lonely and isolated.


I'm Dani, your host and founder of The Risen Entrepreneur and frankly, I got really sick of social media commenting 🤦‍♀️

Watching hours of talking heads on my screen without any real human interaction was driving me bonkers 😫 .

I'm on a mission to connect, empower and grow like-minded businesses together.

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  • Are you an impact-driven, kingdom-minded entrepreneur?

  • Do you have a business that needs to up the online marketing game?

  • Do you want to step more into virtual events?

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  • Do you geek out about all things business?

Then this could be for you!

Join this unique virtual community of online business owners as we meet regularly to network and geek out about all things business!

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Our Next Meeting is Feb 16th at 1pm EST!